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Uncharted Territory: Things I Rarely See in Fantasy

Because I write and think about fantasy fiction quite a bit (as the title of this blog might suggest), I occasionally notice interesting spots of “uncharted territory” in the stories I read and watch – i.e. concepts, ideas or character types I rarely come across. I don’t mean obvious things that no one would expect in the genre anyway, but small, specific things that I try to find examples of and am intrigued when I come up with close to nothing. So I thought these might provide good inspiration for a series of posts.

Of course, it may turn out that there are good books, TV shows and films out there that have explored these things… in which case I’ll hopefully get some gaps in my knowledge filled by well-read commenters.

But if these do end up being paths rarely travelled, they might form a nice list of ‘new ground’ writers could be inspired by, or at least provoke some interesting discussions.

There won’t be any sort of schedule for these, I’ll just post one when I have something worth adding to the collection, and put the links here on this page, the idea being to build up a list over time:

Uncharted Territory Posts:

And if anyone has a suggestion for some potential uncharted territory I should investigate, or has their own post on a little-explored theme, feel free to comment below!