Writing for Fantasy Faction

I just wanted to do a short post this week to mention that I recently became a staff writer for Fantasy Faction, so in addition to keeping up this weekly Thoughts on Fantasy blog (or at least, I usually manage to keep it weekly!) I’ll be writing one or two articles a month for Fantasy Faction

Fantasy Faction is a popular independent site for fans of fantasy and science fiction founded by Marc Aplin. They also have a great Facebook group and online community, organise events, and are involved in a variety of other fantasy-related things – for a much better explanation of their history and what they do, just check out the Fantasy Faction About Page.

I won’t be posting those articles here on my blog, but I’ll be sharing them on Twitter, so feel free to follow me there, or to just check them out at this link: http://fantasy-faction.com/author/nicola-alter. You can also sign up to the Fantasy Faction newsletter or RSS feed to get their latest posts – they have a great mixture of fantasy reviews, news, and articles about the genre by a variety of fantasy fans and writers. I’m excited to be adding to their great collection!

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