Image: Thoughts on Fantasy Crow IconThoughts on Fantasy is my way of sharing my fantasy obsession with other like-minded souls. It’s a blog about fantasy fiction in all its forms: epic, paranormal, romantic, dark, young adult or otherwise. I mostly focus on novels, but also discuss films and TV shows (and occasionally some science fiction). It’s not so much a review site as a blog about the genre itself, and its many curiosities, conventions, magic systems and invented worlds.

Nicola Alter

Photo: Nicola AlterI’m a writer and avid reader of fantasy & science fiction. I grew up in a small Australian country town and now live in Germany.

I’ve worked as a TV production assistant, a tutor of university courses in creative writing, and a librarian at a foreign language institute. I’ve also completed degrees in creative writing and film & television. Now I write full-time and spend the rest of my time devouring speculative fiction of all kinds.

I’m currently writing a high fantasy novel and working toward my dream of becoming a published author. I’m also a staff writer for Fantasy Faction, and German translations of my articles are published on Tor Online. If you’d like to know more about my writing and the projects I’m working on, click here.


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Review Policy

I don’t actually write reviews on this blog, only articles and round-up posts, so please don’t contact me with review requests. However, if you’re an author or blogger with an idea for a guest post on a fantasy or sci-fi related topic, I’d be happy to consider it!