Three Year Blogiversary

Thoughts on Fantasy just turned three! Well, it actually turned three back at the start of this month but I am bad at keeping track of these things, so I only just noticed. It’s strange to think it’s been 3 years since I sat there figuring out how to use Wordpress and nervously hit “publish” on my first post. At least I’ve done a little bit of redesigning this year, so things don’t look quite the same as they did back then.

Anyway, a huge thank you to everyone who has followed along, liked, shared or taken the time to comment! I’m going to celebrate in my usual nostalgic fashion by selecting the 6 “top” posts from the past year, as well as my favourite search term:

Four Most Popular Posts

Post With The Most Search Traffic

My Favourite Post

  • Poisons, Antidotes and Remedies in Fantasy – because I learned some fascinating (and chilling) details about real-world poisons when researching it (the articles I learned them from are linked to in the post) and because it was a nice excuse to use some great photos a friend of mine took on our visit to the German Pharmacy Museum.

Best Search Term That Led Someone Here

“making a fantasy world globe”

… because now I totally want to do that (and no, I don’t have any posts about it). Actually, I am probably too lazy to make one, so I just want an awesome one to magically appear on my shelf. Maybe of Arda. Or Westeros. Preferably fashioned with precious stones or etched metal or some other antique-looking material. Take note, universe!

22 thoughts on “Three Year Blogiversary

  1. Congrats on reaching your 3rd year of blogging! Your posts are always thoughtful and interesting, and I am sure I can say a big “Thank you!” on behalf of everyone who follows, for all the time and effort you put into your blogs. 🙂

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  2. haha that definitely is the best search term to bring people here!! Wow, I would just love to see that!! Anyway, I got distracted by that, what I wanted to say was HAPPY BLOGGIVERSARY!!! I love your blog so much, so I hope you are on here for years and years and years to come!!! 😀


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