The Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award – a big thank you to the bloggers who nominated me!: Bookneeders, Bookish Endeavours and The Bookloving Pharmacist. They write great posts and reviews (many of them about fantasy and YA books) so I highly recommend checking out their blogs.

And without further ado, here are my 7 random facts:


1) Thank the bloggers who nominated you and share their links.
2) Nominate at least 10 bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs.
3) Also inform them about their nomination.
4) Reveal 7 facts about yourself that your readers may not know.

7 Facts About Me:

1.  I have a half-American, half-Australian accent. The one downside of this is Australians only hear the American side, and Americans only hear the Australian side, so I sound like a tourist regardless of where I am.

2.  I am obsessed with trains. I would take a 10-hour train trip over a 1-hour flight any day (assuming the price was similar enough 😉 )

3.  I lived in India when I was in primary school for several years, but sadly my Hindi language skills are very basic – I hope to improve them one day.

4.  I love cycling. Not hardcore-up-a-mountain cycling, just exploring-the-countryside-for-a-few-hours cycling.

5.  When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronomer. I stuck glow stars on my ceiling in an accurate map of the constellations (using a highly methodical process involving string, sticky tape, a table, and a map of the southern celestial hemisphere).

6.  I could probably eat Phở for lunch every day and never get sick of it. Nothing beats a good bowl of Phở.

7.  My favourite colour is orange. Just looking at orange flowers makes me happy:

And I nominate:

Ami @ Luvtoread

Marie @ Marie’s Library

Steve @ Red String PaperCuts

Lyndsey @ Lyndsey’s Book Blog

Kirsty @ Kirsty’s Book Reviews

(But if you don’t feel like doing this one, no pressure!)

15 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Your accent is pretty unique. Enough to think twice about where you come from, or where you grew up at least. At least you don’t get totally mistaken for a resident of another part of the English speaking world!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, well I’ve had people ask if I was Canadian, Scottish, and South African… but those were one-offs and probably a sign of confusion at not being able to place it!

      How about you, do you ever get asked if you’re from somewhere else? You sound Australian to me but I’m (ironically) not very good at placing accent or picking up nuances in them.


      • Its always been the English for me. So when are you going home? (about 5:30) What part of England are you from? (Albury) How are you finding Australia? (its a love hate thing) All from the natives themselves. I thought you might be Canadian when I first met you. To tell the truth 😉


        • Haha well you know what it’s like then! Those questions are hilarious, especially “How are you finding Australia” 😂 I’ve also been asked “So how long have you been here?” – um, since I was born…?

          Tbh I’ve gotten Canadian a few times (but the Scottish and South African were definitely one-offs!), maybe because it’s not quite American but similar. I’m actually terrible at recognising Canadian accents – I’ve often mistaken Canadians for Americans – so I can hardly criticise people for not placing mine. If I heard someone else with my accent I’d probably think they were Canadian too 🙂


    • Thanks! Haha I’m in Germany now, but really before that it was mostly Australia and only a bit of India 🙂 (the American accent is due to family, I’ve never lived in the US). I feel like I haven’t seen large enough swaths of the earth as I’d like, but then I suppose everyone feels that way – there’s always more to be explored!

      Glad you like the glow stars idea! I may have gotten a tad obsessive about putting them all in exactly the right place, but it looked nice in the end 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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