Word Counts for YA and Childrens Fantasy

Chart: Word and Page Counts of Childrens and YA Fantasy Novels

Popular YA and children’s fantasy novels and their word and page lengths – Six of Crows: 135,000 words, 465 pages; Graceling: 115,000 words, 370 pages; Throne of Glass: 113,000 words, 404 pages; The Golden Compass / Northern Lights: 112,815 words, 399 pages; The Hunger Games: 100,000 words, 454 pages; Sabriel: 90,000 words, 395 pages; Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: 77,000 words, 223 pages; Obernewtyn: 68,000 words, 245 pages; Artemis Fowl: 56,000 words, 230 pages; Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe: 36,000 words, 206 pages. Graph by Nicola Alter (Available for Use Under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License CC BY SA 4.0)

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