One Year Blogiversary

It’s officially been one year since I started this blog! Doesn’t feel like that long but hey, time flies. In truth it started out as a bit of an experiment, turned into more of a habit, and then became a regular part of my life.

I’m not sure what one typically does on one’s blogiversary, but I thought this might be a good opportunity to pick a selection of posts from the past year that have been particularly popular (or that were simply personal favourites). I know when I’m reading other blogs I like these sort of lists, so I figured why not do one too!

Here they are:

Top 10 Posts

  1. Judging a Book by Its Name: 10 Common Trends in Fantasy Titles
  2. Difference for Difference’s Sake
  3. The Battle of the Bookshelves
  4. The ‘Ye Olde’ in Epic Fantasy: 5 Archaisms Explained
  5. The ‘Ye Olde’ in Epic Fantasy: 6 More Archaisms and Why Authors Use Them
  6. Burning, Starving and Maiming: Nursery Rhymes Without Happily Ever Afters
  7. The Danger of Believing in Witches
  8. 5 Ways to Keep Your Dragons Fresh
  9. Exotic Names: 7 Languages That Inspire Fantasy Authors
  10. My Top 25 Science Fiction Movies

I also wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has visited, commented, liked, shared and given me advice! Blogging has been a new and slightly daunting experience for me, so I’m sure I would have given this up long ago if it weren’t for your support and feedback.

And I am, of course, planning to continue with it – can’t resist indulging my fantasy obsession and finding other people with a similar affliction 🙂

8 thoughts on “One Year Blogiversary

  1. Congratulations! I will have to read some of your other posts since I just recently found you. Well done! ❤


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