Word Counts for Epic Fantasy

Chart: Word and Page Counts of Epic High Fantasy Novels

Popular epic fantasy novels and their word and page lengths – The Mists of Avalon: 416,000 words, 1009 pages; The Eye of the World: 305,000 words, 814 pages; A Game of Thrones: 293,000 words, 835 pages; Name of the Wind: 256,000 words, 662 pages; Mistborn: 212,000 words, 657 pages; The Fellowship of the Ring: 177,000 words, 535 pages; Assassin’s Apprentice: 164,000 words, 480 pages; The Hobbit: 95,000 words, 310 pages; Pawn of Prophecy: 88,000 words, 304 pages; Dragonflight: 84,000 words, 303 pages; The Colour of Magic: 65,000 words, 285 pages; A Wizard of Earthsea: 56,000 words, 167 pages; The Gunslinger: 55,000 words, 231 pages. Graph by Nicola Alter (Available for Use Under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License CC BY SA 4.0)

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